I created a podcast episode!

Today I’m celebrating an achievement… I created my first ever podcast episode, and I even enjoyed it! Well, most of it, there were a few challenges along the way, but more about that later.

The topic

The topic I explore in the podcast episode is digital media and cultural heritage focusing on whether digital innovation places cultural institutions at risk of becoming redundant. I chose this topic because our cultural heritage plays such an important role in shaping our identity, but there any many complexities and amount of work that goes into preserving cultural heritage.

I had never considered that digital innovation might have a negative effect on cultural intuitions, though I know the challenges it presents. But having worked in this area many years ago I have seen firsthand how much people wanted to engage with collections, but how difficult it can be. So in this episode I wanted to highlight how digital innovation is addressing this tension and making collections more accessible.


I still have friends who work in the Galleries Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) sector, so I picked their brains for ideas on the topic. They also shared my positive view of digital innovation in the GLAM sector and had many great case studies that highlighted how digital innovation was improving audience engagement.

Because the topic was large and time was short, I narrowed my focus to talk about just one aspect – crowdsourcing and collection management. I was fortunate enough to find a whole book on this topic by Mia Ridge. It’s a great book and I had to stop myself reading to get the podcast done.

Content Creation

One of the great things about the digitisation of GLAM collections is often they have lots of Creative Commons license images and sound files are available for use. I tried to find some suitable music or sound effects from DigitalNZ, but it proved a little tricky and in the end I found music I liked on Soundcloud instead. But I did find lots of great images – like the one below. A great resource for future projects.  

I really enjoyed editing the audio, it’s my favourite part. Though next time I’ll leave myself more time to play with the different features, as time constraints meant I had to rely on what I already knew, instead of trying any extra cool effects.


Apart from struggling to narrow the topic, another challenge I faced was finding a quiet time and place to record the podcast. I knew a quiet time of day was a good start, so I chose early morning, which seemed great…. until the rubbish truck came down the street! A snazzy pair of noise cancelling headphones and microphone set I borrowed saved the day though.

There’s so much more to talk about on this topic. I would have liked to include an interview, as it’s a bit strange speaking by yourself. Something I’ll look at next time. But for now, here it is my first podcast episode. Hope you enjoy.